All compositions created, performed and arranged by Thierry David. Recorded & Mixed by T.David in his Studio in Paris, France.

Synthesizers, piano, percussion, wavedrum and programming by T.David.

Percussion on track 6 by Steve Shehan

Guitar effects and e-bow guitar on track 10 by Claude Samard

Produced by K-VOX-2012

1. Portal Quest   2’31”

2. Plenty of Space 5’46”

3. A long Crossing   5’35”

4. Surfing the Blue Orbit  7’34”

5. Magnetic Spiral  6’44”

6. Feeling a Stellar Pulse  4’02”

7. The Realm of Golden Helix  2’02”

8. A Familiar Blue Stranger   7’12”

9. Arturan Drifter   5’08”

10. Stellar Connection  4’30”

11. Breathing the Harmonic Mandala  3’55”                 

12. Galactic Bliss  3’24”

13. A Silent Voice Answers  4’27”                                  

Total time: 62’52”

A sublime hour, traveling as though wrapped in a cocoon of weightlessness trough the mysterious grandeur of the cosmos.

Perfect for Serenity, Meditation & Sleep.

«The album is a wholly unexpected delight from one of the shining lights in new age music and showcases a side of Thierry David that I sure hope to hear more from in the future.» Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire