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Are you intrigued by the title of this album? Is your mind disposed to judge this sound-book based on its cover or nomenclature? Or troubled by the breakneck speed of things around you, you are tempted to give it a try?–Well, whatever may be the inclination, let your mind go a bit deep and find the treasure that lies in this beautiful sonic trove. The connotation that I felt while listening to its music was that you are able to disassociate yourself from the maddening chaos that is running amuck over the surface and watch everything with a different perspective from deep within and see how much clarity you gain when the motion is slow and steady.

For experimentation, I shared the music with my niece and nephew who are entering the adolescent age and have very limited exposure to the new-age music. They replied that they loved the music and even went on to pick their favorite piece on the album: “Weightless Keys”.

Let the whole system slow down, and observe everything from an atomic level–let this music take you to real depths!

There are seven songs on the album with the longest running over nine minutes. They have a very thematic message that moves slowly and allows you to relax in its warm lap and rejuvenate your being.

Just read the names of the songs–how systematically they progress as you move along with music. The album starts with “Convolutions”, a state of mind that does not allow you to enjoy the peace your being so eagerly pines for. But you have to address the issue. You can’t wish it away.

The world will term your endeavor a wild one because it takes real courage to cut away from the flow and see things differently. “Wild Hope” starts with vigor and passion and brings soothing energy with it. The forest-theme sounds make it a perfect beginning for an adventure.

The title song “Slow Motion” begins slowly, pacing with intent and vision. It is a peaceful rendition of what your heart wants and desires for. Peace. Calm. Stress-less-ness. A state where things are settled and there is no unnecessary turbulence. What an option it would be if we get the time and ability to let go of everything and enjoy a break from all that is outside and let ourselves enjoy a warm bath of tranquility!

Once your being has settled and the desired speed has been attained, there’s a possibility of sparkles and shine. “Diamond Drops” bring that positive vibration and a joy that could make you dance slowly, for there is a promise of things that were earlier unknown.

If you are trying to disconnect from the outer world and want to touch the inner spectrum, there is no way you could ignore the concept of divinity that lies within us–every culture, every civilization claims that we are nothing but a “Divine Spark” within, shrouded in various vestures. This mysterious piece signals a tryst with your own self.

“Dazzling Blue” is the first sensation of the post-experience bliss. It is the welcome melody of the rejuvenated soul that has is ready to return after a sojourn towards its source. There’s a strange joy of conviction, victory and achievement.

And what do you feel when you realize the potential that lies within–away from the clutter and cacophony of the world that we are made to believe is real? Loss of burden, as if a huge boulder has been removed from your shoulders. “Weightless Keys” is the expression of that liberation and freedom.

The whole album, as I mentioned earlier, foretells of a journey that would start from you and end within you. This is music at its best–truly spiritual at all levels.

I invite you to listen to the songs and let yourself immerse in its slow, comforting movements.

Kathy Parsons

Slow Motion is the very impressive 26th album from French composer and multi-instrumentalist Thierry David. Very well-versed in classical music and jazz as well as commercial music, David takes us on an ambient musical journey to a soothing place of peace and healing. From his website: "2021. In this twilight period made up of fears of the Unknown, Thierry David's album brings us back to fundamental values by wrapping us with universal and restorative benevolence. This new opus made up of seven evolving tracks, sensually and spiritually takes us in a slow generative and soothing convolution." The seven beautiful tracks on the album were created, performed and arranged by Thierry David. Steve Shehan, a longtime collaborator, plays  brushes, afuche, angklungs, cymbalettes, and cymbals. David explains his approach to his music: "In my creative process, I always strive to create an imaginary universe allowing the listener to plunge into an intimate atmosphere conducive to meditation, peace and serenity."

Ambient music is often associated with "space music" and/or music that is atmospheric and without a strong melody, and those sub-genres play a big part in Thierry David's music, too, but one of the things that sets David's music apart from many of the other artists in this genre is his use of rhythms and "groove" patterns. His music can easily slip into the background but  it is hypnotic and consistently interesting when listening with full attention. The seven tracks on Slow Motion range from about  5 1/2 minutes to 9 1/2, giving the music time to explore and evolve, and the album flows very smoothly from one track to the next without a jolting change is musical styles.

Slow Motion begins with "Convolutions," a piece that features electric guitars, bass and atmospheric keyboard sounds. The strong rhythms are a fascinating contrast to the other layered instruments and allow the listener to focus on different components in the music. "Wild Hope" begins with the sound of a heavy rainfall before the slow but driving rhythm enters along with keyboards and ethereal wordless vocals - a mesmerizing mind massage! As its name suggests, the title track moves slowly and effortlessly, creating a mysterious feeling without any sense of danger or threat - you are floating on a dark wave of sound. "Diamond Drops" returns to a strong groove behind the piano/keyboard-based instrumentation. Not quite jazz and not quite new age, it moves at its own leisurely pace. "Weightless Keys" has the magical feeling of drifting along on a fluffy cloud without a worry in the world. Piano/keyboard, strings and the gently pulsing rhythm combine to create a dreamy space with no fear, hate or anger. Feel free to return any time you'd like!

Dyan Garris

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Spirit Seeker Magazine

There's probably no better time to slow down, regroup, recollect ourselves, and rejuvenate. French composer and musician, Thierry David, has just the ticket to that utopia. His new album, “Slow Motion,” is 7 tracks, 51 minutes of ultra-relaxation.

Thierry has been multiple award-nominated and well-recognized in the genre of New Age, Lounge, Electronica, Ambient, and relaxation music.

On “Slow Motion,” he is joined by Steve Shehan on percussion. The music on the album is flowing and evolving, and creates an intimate, peaceful, and serene atmosphere all through. There's a soothing, sensual, hypnotic quality to all the pieces. Nothing jarring. Just peace, deep peace.

The album opens with the just over 5-minute “Convolution.” A convolution is “a mathematical way of combining two signals to form a third signal.” A mesmerizing way to draw us into the song and the rest of the album, this is engaging, enjoyable, and meditative.

Following is the long and languid, “Wild Hope.” Almost 9-1/2 minutes of pure tranquility, this has a lovely, transportive, ethereal quality. The percussion is excellent, as is the rest of it. I love the soft horns that float in around 2:40. This is a favorite on the album, and absolutely one for the playlist. Love it.

The title track puts us into an even deeper state of gentle euphoria. Six minutes later, we're still there. This is truly dreamy and infinitely calming. “Diamond Drops” is as smooth as silk, with a bit of a relaxing “lounge” vibe, helping us release all tensions. The percussion in “Divine Spark,” is wonderful, as is the production. Here we have those wonderfully peaceful horns again that ethereally float in and out and around the composition. A rhythmic beat and a sensuous feel bring us effortlessly into a whole other world.

“Dazzling Blue” is another long piece at just over 8-1/2 minutes. This is thoroughly enchanting, melodic, and hypnotic – like a gentle turquoise sea or infinite blue sky – magnetizing us into a complete state of surrender. This is definitely another one for the playlist, although I suspect you'll want to get the whole album.

The album closes out with “Weightless Keys.” Again, we have that superb percussion intertwining expertly with the keyboard melody. The gentle, velvety touches in this album, and particularly in this song, remind me a bit of the principle of “unweighting” in downhill skiing. It's a magical feeling. Gorgeous, truly gorgeous. And by album's end we do, indeed, feel so much lighter. Yes, get the whole thing. Beautifully done.

Keith "Musicman" Hannaleck

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Thierry David has a very large catalog of music displayed on his website. It makes me wonder why it took so long for me to discover him. He is from France and as the music started on his new release Slow Motion, the first thought that came to mind was Jean-Michel Jarre, the legendary keyboard maestro. Being a fan of Jarre for many years, it was only natural to think of him.

If you go to the artist website and take a look at the information regarding this release it states the following… In this twilight period made up of fears of the Unknown, Thierry David's album brings us back to fundamental values ​​by wrapping us with universal and restorative benevolence.

So onward we go listening to this ambient musical spectrum and all the gifts found in every track. There is some really strong bass in some of these tracks, and I mean coming from the keyboard, not an actual bass. All of this music is the keyboards and computer-generated and quite good I must say. When you look at the cover it shows the essence of humanity, water, in you guessed it, Slow Motion. I look at music and as an audible journey, another page turned in a comprehensive book of sounds. And so, it is as this recording takes shape from one track into the next.

Each track is an exercise in color, layers, atmospheres, and collectively served to your senses as ambient electronica with a solid foundation in new age in regards to the artwork and the implications of each track title. This is the key for my listening experience, to look at the entire picture of what this project represents and is sending to the listeners. This is wonderful music with shifting sounds and colors weaving in and out of each delicately placed note. It gets you transfixed very rapidly once you accept the purpose of the music and the presentation as a sentient being of sound and light ready to transfer to your senses.

I think in many ways I enjoy this music because it all connects the dots. From track to track you effortlessly float and feel like you are going from one spiritual space to the next. Think of how a soul is released from a body at death, and how it makes its way to heaven. I think what happens is a gradual ascension through many layers as your life flashes before your eyes. This is my picture of what will happen when I die. I did not mean that statement to be foreboding or final, as I do believe it is a time of rebirth and a different dimension. I visit my deceased relatives in my dreams so to me that is another dimension, a peek at where I will go eventually, we only find out when our day arrives.

That may sound farfetched for some of you however it takes a good listen to this transcendental music to create that spark to bring those thoughts back to me. Like anything good for you, it's a process, completed in steps, to reach your final destination.

Is it time for you to look at life in Slow Motion? That may be exactly what we all need in these uncertain and ever-evolving times we live in. The music is telling you that there are release and relaxation points to be found and time to stop and smell the roses, as the old saying goes. The roses are there, you just need some help to discover them again and the music of Thierry David will you get you there.

BT Fasmer

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Thierry David is back! Almost seven years after “Hypnosis”, David again proves that he is one of the finest artists on the New Age music scene. Listening to his brand-new album “Slow Motion” got me thinking about a Thomas Merton quote: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” That seems to be an accurate definition of David’s music too. His masterfully crafted soundscapes are so vast and intricate that it is actually possible to get “lost” – and when we do, we learn something profound and deeply meaningful about ourselves. “Slow Motion” is easily one of 2021’s finest meditation albums and a pillar in Thierry David’s one-of-a-kind discography.

Thierry David was born in Paris in 1955. During his early years, he practiced the major pieces from the classical repertoire before discovering the freedoms of jazz while still a teenager. Upon graduation from ESSEC, one of the prestigious business schools in Paris, he flew to Peru as a volunteer posted to the cultural service of the French Embassy in Lima. “Rather than rush into a diplomatic or business career, I attempted the entrance exam for Berklee College of Music in Boston,” he says, and was accepted into this prestigious institution. He debuted in 1988 with “Moonstorm” and has since released over 20 highly successful New Age music albums – the most recent being the above mentioned “Hypnosis” (2014). Before that he released “Ambient Tales” (2013), and “Chill & Lounge Tales” (2013).


The “Slow Motion” album opener is called “Convolutions”. David has a unique world of music in store for us; it is quite dark and a hint of melancholy is lurking right under the surface. Yet the most striking is the beautiful ambient melody. The electric guitar, piano, and layers of synths and textures are hands down gorgeous – and the word perfection comes to mind more than once. Its powerful hypnotic, drug-like qualities are nothing short of impressive. “Convolutions” is a brilliant album opener in every sense of the word!

As implied by the title and the sounds of nature in the intro, “Wild Hope” takes the listener into the heart of the wilderness. The soundscape is lush, and the rhythm equally delightful. The “duet” between the piano and the wind instrument is fascinating and alien at the same time. In my book, no one does chill better than Thierry David – and “Wild Hope” is a sublime example of this great genre. It is Buddha Bar, 2021 style.

Slow Motion

The title track has a sorrowful edge that instantly connects with the listener. The soundscape feels tender and bare. It is as if David is zooming in and exposing every aspect of an emotion, putting it on slow motion. Before you can move on – from grief or a broken heart, for instance – you have to really feel it, and a piece like “Slow Motion” connects with your pain. It is a good kind of sadness. I’m very impressed with the almost inaudible rhythm. It is there; you can feel it – but you almost cannot hear it, like magic.

Next out is “Diamond Drops”. It has a nice touch of smooth jazz and a cool vibe. I like the textures and how each piano note is like a shiny “diamond drop”, gently falling. It is a mysterious and marvelous soundscape, unique and fresh. Talking about shiny things, track five is called “Divine Spark”. Listening feels a bit like looking into the machinery that binds everything together, the mechanical heart of the DNA, the divine ignition. It is fascinating how it stops, then starts, as if nothing has happened.

Dazzling Blue

My favorite piece on the album is “Dazzling Blue”. It is breathtakingly beautiful and Thierry David is easily on par with Nicholas Gunn, Chuck Wild/Liquid Mind, and David Helpling. The silky-smooth arrangement, light rhythm, and enigmatic atmosphere make “Dazzling Blue” into something truly extraordinary. It is not just dazzling, it is sensational! The ambient melody is soulful and serene. It is a soundscape for special occasions, like a fine bottle of wine. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself:

“Weightless Keys” rounds off the album with finesse and David’s usual attention to details. The slow, reflective piece has a larger-than-life feel, and the synth keys seem to be floating in endless space. Time loses its meaning while listening. The soundscape has so much variation, so you can safely put it – or the whole album – on replay.

In conclusion: When you watch a slow-motion video, you can see things that are normally imperceptible. By reducing the speed, we get a clearer picture of what is going on. I believe this is the key factor that makes Thierry David’s comeback album so great too. “Slow Motion” is a sublime collection of meditative pieces. Their reflective nature makes your mind wander, whether you intend for it to happen or not. I especially like the mysterious atmosphere, making the listening experience so much more interesting. Each of the seven pieces is like a planet of its own, filled with interesting tableaus, light rhythm, and colors. The music is great for relaxation, reading, or creative work.

My recommendation is: Experience life in “Slow Motion”. You will not regret it.

Dick Metcalf

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Absolutely amazing atmospheres Thierry David – SLOW MOTION:  I’ve been listening to & reviewing ambient music for many years now; there’s no question in my mind that the absolutely amazing atmospheres Thierry David creates for you on his new album are among the very BEST… though I didn’t see any LIVE performances, you can enjoy the entire album when you SUBSCRIBE to the Thierry David YouTube topic channel…

You will feel the power of the Cosmos lifting your spirit up and away from the mundane as you listen to the beautiful “Divine Spark“… the 8:28 length of the tune provides a lot of room for exploration and insight… if any tune in the ambient genre merits (strong) consideration for an award – it is this one… in fact, I predict that it will WIN an award!

The album’s opening track, “Convolutions“, is the perfect length (5:23) for airplay… I (most strongly) recommend that you listen to this deeply moving song with your headphones on (and since you’ve already got them on now, listen to the rest of the album that way, too)… I loved the subtle vocal weaves on this performance, too.

When “Dazzling Blue” opens in “slow mode”, you may wonder where the “dazzle” is; but as Thierry moves the tune on, you’ll find the blossoming beauty begins right at about the 1:20 marker… what I truly love about the creativity expressed on this song is the ability to move the listener (ever-so-gently) through “changes” artfully… I’m highly impressed, and you will be, too!

Something we all need in these treacherous times is an anticipation for better days, and my choice for personal favorite of the seven (long) songs Thierry offers up, “Wild Hope“, gives you a sensation that tomorrow will be full of wonder and surprise… there’s a very intimate feeling generated by this song… I had no qualms about choosing it for my iPhone player (something that only happens for the best of songs).

I give Thierry a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.  Get more information on Thierry’s page for the album.        Rotcod Zzaj

Steve Sheppard

Steve Sheppard Music Reviews

There is nothing quite like exploring the depths of a new electronic ambient album to start my week, and thanks to artist Thierry David I was able to do just that, I hadn’t heard from Thierry since the release of Hypnosis way back in 2014, so it was extremely pleasing to find his latest release Slow Motion sitting on my desktop to review.

This marvellous work of art starts with a gentle and flowing offering entitled Convolutions, the softness of the synths here manifested a beautiful layered experience for me, one that I always really need on a Monday morning, and the ambiance of this piece alone would set me up for the day.

We now slip into the stream of the longest offering of the album at well over nine minutes and called Wild Hope. This moment of idyllic keyboards manifested a creative and artistic narrative to enjoy, the sublime soothing onward journey through the tones of this crafted offering, were akin to floating on clouds and warm thermals, a truly serene experience indeed.

The title track is up next and of course we are now at the portal entitled Slow Motion.  The title header is the artist’s moment to express an overview of the entire concept of the album, and Slow Motion continues to show to us the tranquillity of the moment through the calmness of creation, via the skill set of the amazing Thierry David.

We can now take one tentative footfall into the second half of the album and as we do so we arrive at the doorway of a track entitled Diamond Drops. This piece is slightly deceptive, in as much as it has a certain rhythm that highlights the way, and because of that light and carefully created beat, delivers us a sumptuous sense of a continual onward movement with the refrains of the music, and one that simply sparkles with the cadence of the day.

We can now edge delicately into the arms of the most chilled piece on the release, it is entitled Divine Spark, the combination of a charming and almost sensual rhythm here was simply idyllic, a track that really conjured up many images of sights of great beauty I have seen in my life. The musical weave here was amazing, the more I listened, the more I felt completely in harmony with the moment, it is a serene, but beautifully fluent offering.

Our penultimate piece is called Dazzling Blue, this last but one opus manifests a moment when the music caresses the senses, this is an art form that must be cherished, and I can gaze out of my upstairs widow and peer down at the Mediterranean, and by its symbiotic nature the music seems to dance with the lapis oceanic view in front of me.

Our final arrangement is entitled Weightless Keys, this masterful composition is simply the most perfect conclusion to a fantastic album, its warm major and minor chords express a feather life performance from the artist, in what is the most emotive piece from the release and a heartfelt ending opus it is to finish with.

The wait has been totally worth it, Slow Motion by Thierry David has to be the most relaxing and chilled album I have heard this year so far. One must applaud the artist for manifesting an album which brings forth such peace and tranquillity, through a simply idyllic performance on each and every track in this seven piece collection. If you’re looking for a sanctuary away from the stresses and strains of the day, then Slow Motion by Thierry David must be your next port of call.