Best Chill/Groove Album, 2014 ZMR Music Award Nominee. Soft rhythmic patterns, recurrent loops and subliminal echoed notes capture the listener with the essence of sound. These effects gradually establish a magnetic and ecstatic ambience that can lead listeners to explore and experience their own physical and mental sensations in this music induced and pleasurable hypnotic state.

Stellar Connection ©2012

Best Ambient Album, 2012 ZMR Music Award Nominee.

Creating an imaginary universe where ambient sounds merge with rhythmic patterns and harmonic sequences weave with pulsating melodies, David takes us on a journey through interstellar space in search of possible connections with unknown and mysterious elements.


#2 TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2012 by John Diliberto

The Veil of Whispers ©2011

Best Chill/Groove Album, 2011 ZMR Music Award Nominee.

Layers and textures of rhythms and ethereal voices weave together for a sensual and relaxing hour of escape into yoga, massage or adventures into the imagination.

Ocean Rhapsody ©2008

Discover the new zen rhapsody by the composer of Zen Pause and Zen World.

Water, one of the four vital elements. The mineral, the softness, the echo of the abyss.

Thierry David, in his capacity of subtle scultor, pursues his surprising and captivating work,

using as a source of inspiration the multiple facets of one of the gretest natural forces: the ocean

Evasions ©2007

Evasions is a rare gem, its hypnotic intonations guiding you towards serenity, total relaxation and even sleep.

Eleven tracks which attain the genre’s summits.

Zen World ©2006

Once upon a time there was Zen World, or how to dive into escape, peace and gentleness ... Thierry David, with this new pivotal album imbued with femininity, universality and delicacy, opens the doors to the world with his music where four singers from Latin America, Asia, the East and Europe, put their sweet and subtle voices. A unique moment of relaxation ...

Zen Pause ©2005

Best Dance/Dub/Club Album & Best Electronic Album, 2007 NAR Music Award Nominee.

Somewhere between softness and sensuality, the musical tracks of this album set the ideal scene for a real Zen break with beautiful, enveloping atmospheres, very comfortable, as relaxing as a bath or a massage session ... Thierry David offers to our ears all the palettes of his talent to translate the very essence of well-being into music.

Mosaïques ©2003

Mosaïques is an album full of nuances, shimmering and luminous, which offers our minds a marvelous elsewhere. Thierry DAVID's compositions owe as much to ethnic music (Eastern, Latin, Middle Eastern) as to jazz, rock and electronic music from Germans or Californians. A bewitching style that stimulates the imagination, a universe always very rhythmic, where superb landscapes gleaned during his travels parade, full of warmth and serenity.

Moksha ©2002

The Moksha album, a window open to Eastern moments suspended between earth and sky, is an invitation to reverie. Somewhere between Ryuichi Sakamoto and Joe Zawinul, the world and the high-end new age, each piece created in the heart of the one who opens to his aspirations, the well-being, the meditative smile made of nostalgia and hopes , softness and energy. Bewitching and evocative climates, rhythmic ballads, refined harmonies and fusion of musical styles give these impressionist constructions an original, colorful style, which finds the secret of an obvious harmony between East and West.

Ayodhya ©2001

I remember having visited, in a past life, AYODHYA, the city of the gods.

In a landscape planted with burnt trees, bare or covered with large cracked leaves, it shone like a jewel. At daybreak, through its doors open to the four orients, the harmful influences vanished, men and animals flocked, caravans coming from the Chinese borders, from the borders of the Ganges, from lands bristling with ziggurats or from further afield. An ideal world, where all music and songs merged, from mosques to fountains, from caravanserais to gardens, from temples to palaces, from markets to porticoes, along dusty streets.

Ajanta ©2000

An Indian morning rises. On the hypnotic rhythm of flutes and voices, the India of dancing magicians and wise mockers is revealed to our senses. Sounds of tampuras and sarods intertwine with memories of the "Music Room". An abandoned palace in a blue and quiet fog, an unchanged world, makes us travel towards ourselves. In the bougainvillea gardens, whispers, laughter, the sound of fountains and the rustling of sails are held by the hand. Along the river, incantations to the gods, songs of birds and children, strident cries of the traffic jams of the cities are scattered. It is the abundance of the Indies, even during the night.

Passage ©1998

This album brings together fifteen titles, milestones of a musical journey of seven years. The choice of Thierry David fell on the most Mediterranean and oriental tunes of which certain "passages" have been remixed. We are drawn by an irreducible energy tending towards a playful exploration of sound paths ... to be rediscovered.

Fantasia ©1998

Fantasia, the quest for joy, movement, energy, is a celebration of music for the danse. Fantasia proclaims the imperishable and sacred of a sensual and playful universe, served by an eclectic instrumentation, a blend of traditional and contemporary orchestrations: violin and guzhen (China), sitar, vina and sarod (India), gamelan (Indonesia) , flamenco guitar, oud and ney (Middle East), quena and charango (Andes), oriental and western flutes and percussions. The ensemble revolves around ritual songs and radiant clamors (Ujaj song from Ecuador, "ratsi rope" song from the Solomon Islands, "gerewol" party from the Bororo Fulani from Niger, "kozi-kozi" dance from Haut-Xingu Brazilian...). Where the words stop, in a spontaneous emotional beat, imaginary dances spring up.

Tropiques ©1998

Over the tropics, going without return to exotic countries, Bossa-Nova, Salsa, Reggae, Calypso, Mambo, Biguine ... breathe resolutely invigorating and sparkling climates. Fragrant trade winds rock souls and hearts. Softness and relaxation unite with joy and pleasure.

Les Voyages Imaginaires ©1998

The collection "Les voyages imaginaires" presents original musical itineraries, a mix of eras, cultures and styles. Multiethnic horizons are gradually being discovered, sound atmospheres captivate, rhythmic forms astonish. At the same time discovery of Elsewhere - from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, from Bali to the Amazon - but also an invitation to an inner journey, the universes that are revealed to us awaken forgotten emotions and instincts.

Yoma ©1996

After "Khora" produced with guest musicians, Thierry David chose to work on his own again but leaving a window wide open to virtual speakers, ie by reinjecting multiple sampled voices into his own compositions, but also takes from the previous album. Powerful and suggestive grooves emerge from this re-exposure work, superbly fleshed out by Steve Shehan's percussions which have been expertly reworked here. Once again the geographical areas visited are multiple, and the route is followed with real happiness under a sun that knows how to be ardent or caressing ...

Explorator ©1995

Explorator is an anthology of a certain music, trend "world", urban, jazz-rock, woven on racy synthetic threads, but also reminiscences of travels. From the Asian continent to the icy regions, crossing deserts and the Middle East: escape, flight, eternity.

Khora ©1994

Thierry David has chosen to appeal to the memory of stones and the vibrant heart of temples, to draw from them a vertical inspiration which resolutely rises "Outside the walls". Thus the essence of the compositions resonates here with lithurgical songs from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which are modeled on each other in a large fresco with ecumenical harmonies. For such a challenge, the composer surrounded himself with the aerial guitars of Nguyên Lê, winds inspired by Philippe Nadaud, percussions and basses by Steve Shehan who gives us a veritable festival of shimmering sounds, jubilant rolls, deep grooves. and powerful rhythms. In an abundance of ocher and gilding, Thierry David offers us a new journey, where spiritual quest, original pulsation and landscape with luminous relief merge.

Tones & Colours ©1993

Tones and Colors is a resolutely optimistic and sparkling album. It traces urban climates alternately tonic and playful, dreamlike and mysterious. We find there the musical energy of the 70s / 80s, a gush of Anglo-Saxon and Latin inspirations, African and Asian influences, so many shooting stars in a firmament conducive to creation.

Tales of Sand ©1992

Once upon a time, there were those sandy tales with climates borrowed from silences, mysteries and beautiful resonances. The desert comes alive with oriental chants, piano chorus against a background of natural atmospheres. Jungle, chimes, crackling fires, galloping horses, charm like a Persian miniature. The stories draw the invisible expanses, the fluidity of the sand, a quest for eternity.

Humaninhuman ©1991

Humaninhuman was born from the meeting of Thierry David and Fred Wallich who surrounded themselves with talented performers (Susan Belling: voice, Gilles Petit: voice and strings, Shamal Maïtra: tablas, Jean-Claude Asselin: mandolin) to offer us music imprint of space and sensuality. By mixing acoustic and electronic instruments, by surrounding synthetic sequences with world music, the artists happily combine aesthetics and climates. The tenor saxophone swings with the balafon, the tablas cause the sequencers to slip ... Here we are on board for thirteen orbital flights, aboard an OMNI (Unidentified Musical Object).

Moonstorm ©1988

With "Moonstorm", the universes of Thierry David and Gary Peterson meet. Acoustic music (piano and guitar) and electronic music merge. The result is the creation of an original world, aquatic landscapes haloed with poetry, pure resonances which for some evoke Eric Satie, Vangelis or Tangerine Dream.


2021. In this twilight period made up of fears of the Unknown, Thierry David's album brings us back to fundamental values ​​by wrapping us with universal and restorative benevolence. This new opus made up of seven evolving tracks, sensually and spiritually takes us in a slow generative and soothing convolution.